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FWCAC & ILUKA Win 2018 Premiers Award for Diversity

Excellence in Diversity

The Far West Coast Group of Entities is proud to announce that Iluka and FWC were announced as the Winner of the Premiers Award for Diversity at a stunning gala dinner and presentation night held in Adelaide on the 30th of November 2018.

Winner: Iluka Resources and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation for ‘Jacinth-Ambrosia – Diversity in Action – Partnerships with Far West Coast and Iluka Resources’

Iluka Resources has demonstrated a strong and enduring commitment to develop a diverse and engaged workforce. In relation to its Jacinth-Ambrosia project, Iluka Resources works in partnership with the Far West Coast (FWC) Aboriginal Corporation through the FWC Iluka Liaison Committee.

Successful commitment to and implementation of the Native Title Mining Agreement (NTMA) and a strong relationship with the FWC has resulted the achievement and maintenance of a 20% aspirational employment target of Indigenous people throughout mining operations, including the recent 18 month idle period in 2016 and 2017.

The exceptional program of in-house environmental rehabilitation implemented during that idle period has achieved multiple benefits including the ongoing employment of the local and Indigenous workforce.

This winning program is exemplary for its diversity and social inclusion outcomes. It is also a model of how the resources sector can partner with local communities to deliver positive socio-economic outcomes in market downturns, as well as in the boom times.

Excellence in Innovation: Environmental Management

Winner: Iluka Resources for ‘Jacinth-Ambrosia Mine rehabilitation research programs to achieve restoration success’

Iluka’s Jacinth-Ambrosia mine operates in the Yellabinna Regional Reserve of the Eucla Basin. To address the challenges and knowledge gaps of restoring a self-sustaining ecosystem, Iluka has implemented a Research Program that has meaningful impacts and outcomes shared across the broader mining industry including pastoral lands or salinity-affected land requiring restoration.

Iluka’s commitment to commissioning independent research is outstanding. Iluka has demonstrated an exemplary approach to partnerships and knowledge sharing between research and teaching institutions, the local community and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation, and across Iluka’s sites nationally.

The resilient and enduring nature of Iluka’s program demonstrates a strong ongoing commitment to developing innovative environmental outcomes for local South Australian conditions.

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